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We are a collection of people who value having community enough that we have moved from our various homes to create our own intentional neighborhood. In addition to highly valuing having our friends as neighbors, we also strongly value personal independence. Hence our community strives for a balance of sharing and freedom.


We value open-mindedness and do not subscribe to any common religious or spiritual beliefs. We care about mindfulness and about our impact on the world as well as on our neighbors. We aim to be responsible financially and with the resources of the community. We also aim to be creative and to create something fun and beautiful with our space. We place a high value on communication and working together as a group to find good compromises so that we can all live a fuller life together.


We want this to be the sort of place where when you need something, you can go next door to ask your neighbor for it, whether it's a cup of sugar or a chainsaw. We want a community where friends organize impromptu board games, where you can pick fruits and vegetables from the garden, where the neighborhood kids know you, and where parents and friends can help each other out. We want to create a great common lounge where we can invite friends and neighbors to stop by.


In summary, we wish to have a community that is a clan, not just a collection of neighbors. We value balancing fun and responsibility along with community and independence.

Why did we do this?

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